About Us

yamhill & Washington county

We are the local contractor for all your remodeling needs.

Here at Square Deal Construction, we’ve been helping families satisfy their home needs for over two decades. We focus on the problems that really get under your skin — an outdated kitchen, bathroom, or an underutilized outdoor living space. Terry and the rest of the Square Deal team thrive on new challenges and welcome any problem that may be just beyond your reach.

We are fully customer service-oriented and pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and a job well done. Our satisfaction is derived from the smiles on our clients’ faces when they see their dream home come to life. We do all the leg work so customers can rest assured that everything from the permits to the finishing touches will be taken care of.

Meet the Team

Terry Hall

Founder + CEO

Terry Hall was born in a small Amish community in Ohio. Terry’s mother was a Sunday School teacher and homemaker, while Terry’s father was a master drywaller. Terry was taught from a young age that honesty, hard work and commitment are necessary if one hopes to be successful in life.

Terry spent many days on job sites with his dad, first at a very young age getting in the way and causing mischief, later washing tools cleaning work areas and offering support to the craftsman as needed.

Eventually, Terry was taught the drywall trade. Terry learned that being trained by his father was tough as his dad’s expectations were high. He learned, sometimes not quickly, that there are no small unimportant jobs. Details are important.

The importance of character, hard work and honesty were the guiding principles in the Hall household. Terry brings this ethos to your job through Square Deal’s entire team. 

Jody Hall

Kitchen & Bath Design Specialist
Jody has seen many kitchen and bath ideas in her 20+ years in real estate and she is ready to share them with you. Whether you’re looking for something utilitarian or gourmet, she can make it happen. If you need a public convenience or a master spa, she can make it happen.

Shelby Ambrose

Sales & Marketing Manager, Designer

Californigonian Shelby grew up watching home renovations shows like Clean Sweep, While You Were Out, and Trading Spaces, rather than cartoons. Shelby spent a year studying Design at Savannah College of Art and Design, and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication from Colorado Christian University. She has experience marketing in the non-profit sector and learned about the importance of quality customer service while working at Nordstrom. In her free time, Shelby enjoys all aspects of the arts – from photography to art deco architecture to fashion design to writing and languages.

Melody Bondurant


Melody was born and raised in Oregon, growing up around construction with her dad. She even spent a summer building homes in Mexico as a teen. Melody got her Associate’s in Architectural Design and Drafting from Portland State University and has been designing remodels ever since. She loves seeing the designs turn into reality and watching a space change. If she could, she would spend 80% of her time in her garden.

Luke Widows

Project Coordinator

Luke grew up next door in Sherwood, always busy with projects his parents were working on. After graduating high school, he joined the National Guard as a human resource specialist for a local artillery unit. Luke attended the University of Oregon, where he worked as a facilities maintenance worker for a small church nearby. Luke graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, commissioned as an officer in the Guard at the same unit, and found a wonderful girl whom he would shortly ask to marry. After graduation, Luke and his wife moved back up to Newberg and kept busy with remodeling his house and National Guard training. Outside of work Luke loves playing board games or going wine tasting with friends.

Jared Hall

Project Coordinator

Jared grew up in a construction atmosphere. Jared’s dad, Terry, started Square Deal shortly before Jared was born. Jared and Square Deal grew up together. Like most contractor’s sons, Jared spent much of his life living in a home under renovation. No sooner was the house finished, before it was sold, and Jared was shuffled to the next project. On weekends and during the summers, Jared could often be found helping on other projects that Square Deal was involved in.

Jared got certified as a physical trainer and pursued that while working construction on the side. When the gyms shut down due to Covid-19, Jared decided to come back to construction full time. The motivation and leadership techniques learned from his time as a personal fitness trainer are proving to be very beneficial to the business. Jared is looking forward to the day he can look at his dad Terry and say, “It’s time to make construction great again. You’re fired.”

Joshua Kezele


The Rooster has been with the company since way back in the 20th century. When Josh is assigned to your project he will rule the roost helping to keep vendors, subcontractors and others crew members on task. He will ensure all details, down to the last kernel, are addressed. He’s certified in Lead Based Paint, Metal Roofing, and OSI WINTeQ Window Installation. His diligence and efficiency will make you scratch your head in amazement. Josh grew up in Arizona playing baseball and BMX racing. He’s still known there as The Arizona Heat. Now, when he’s not working, he likes golfing, fishing, dirt bike riding, and shooting.

Mark Ludwig


Mark is originally from the Willamette Valley. He has been doing construction work and home renovations for over 15 years. He brings the joy and satisfaction of a job completed to the Square Deal standards. With 6 children, he loves family values in life. Loves the outdoors, especially fishing. Also, plays a little music from time to time.