Are Bathroom Remodels Worth the Cost in Tualatin, Oregon?

Bathroom remodel costs vary extensively depending on the size of the room, the amount of work being done, the materials & fixtures being used in the project, and the quality of contractor you are using. A simple tub/shower replacement may cost around $10,000. A large master bathroom, that is being gutted and completely redone, could cost as much as $95,000.  

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If you are looking at worth purely from an ROI (return on investment) standpoint, the answer to the title question would be probably not. (Although, this does depend on your home, your current bathroom, and your current home value.) If you look at’s Cost vs. Value report for the Portland, Oregon Metro Area in 2021, it reports bathroom remodels having an average ROI of 57.2% to 68.2%. Bathroom additions have a similar ROI of 58.7% to 64.2%, depending on the quality of the materials (unfortunately, higher end materials always have a lower ROI). 

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But there is more to value than just cost. Will remodeling your bathroom make it function better and save you time during the day? Is your bathroom so dated and ugly that you don’t want to spend any time in it? Are you planning to live in this house for the next 30+ years and need a wheelchair accessible shower? Perceived value is perceived value is deciding if a bathroom remodel will bring value to you, your experience in your bathroom, and your life.

So, are bathroom remodels worth the cost?

The answer is up to you.

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